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Hello and welcome to HD Desktops. The website dedicated to offering High Quality and High Resolution from 1080p HD to 4k and even 8k Ultra High Definition desktop wallpapers. Each wallpaper is hand picked to ensure the best quality wallpapers ONLY are uploaded to the website. We have wallpapers to suit all the major phone screens such as the Galaxy S8,S7 Edge, Iphone X and much more. As well as supporting Ultra wide screen wallpapers for those of you who have 21:9 etc. If you are looking for a new Facebook or twitter cover then we also have these available from all our wallpapers. Enjoy the website and do not forget to bookmark us, share us and feel free to sign up and comment and upload your own wallpapers :)

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Ultra HD and 4K Wallpapers

By   2015-09-09

For those of you who have invested in a 4K TV or monitor and with the upcoming 4k mobile phones just around the corner i have decided to add a selection of 4k and Ultra HD Wallpapers.


Check them out here 4K Wallpapers

NEW - Space and Galaxy Wallpapers

By   2015-08-10

So after getting my new Mac up and running i started sifting through wallpapers and I have to say i am a fan of the Galaxy style desktops that Apple provide, the stars in space really give that impresson of depth and more importantly the HD pixels on screen wether it be on your mobile phone or your desktop most people now have an average screen desktop size of 24 inch or so i hear so anyway enough yapping check out these great looking galaxy wallpapers.

Space and Galaxyg Wallpapers

Home of HD Desktops - High Resolution Desktop Wallpapers for Mobile, PC & Mac

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