Hello & Welcome to HD Desktops

By   2015-08-06

Welcome to the HD Desktops Web Blog, As big tech user i change my desktop wallpapers quite a lot. With a Dual screen computer, tablet, laptop and mobile phone i tend to go through various wallpapers depending on my mood. For years i have always found it a little frustrating when searching on wallpapers websites or forums or even wallpaper apps on phones how often the quality of the images varies. When i search for HD Desktop Wallpapers i want just that, not an upscaled or enlarged poor quality image increased automatically by an app or program but a pure crisp, HD, high quality image. So its for this reason i create HD Desktops my new website :)

Over the coming weeks and as often as i can i will upload my favorite selection of HD Wallpapers from all types of styles, including cars, landscapes, tech, games and more (i havent decided yet) so bookmark my website, share the wallpapers if you like them and make sure to return for more great wallpapers for your desktop or mobile device.

Many Thanks

Jordan :)